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your food is gonna taste way better. trust us.

we make flavoured salt to blow your mouth's mind

Grilled steak? Finish it with a little Rosemary Thyme salt. Corn on the cob? Hit it with our Chili Lime salt. Fried eggs? Our Dill Flavoured salt will blow your socks AND shoes off! Or get The Starter Pack with all 4 flavours!

your food is gonna taste way better

we make flavoured salt to blow your mouth's mind

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lets get THIS straight

your food tastes better with salt, especially ours.

Salty’s Flavoured Salt was created for one simple reason, to make the food you cook and eat taste even better.

Cooking isn’t easy, we know that. But you know what is? Adding flavoured salt to whatever you’re about to eat. Trust us. If this salt doesn’t blow your mouth’s mind, you can have your money back. And you can even keep the salt!

Just like, give it to your hamster or throw it on your driveway in the winter. The choice is yours!

you’re lazy. just buy what everyone else buys

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Fkn' Spicy Chili Lime

70g Sea Salt

Toasted Garlic

70g Sea Salt

The 'Salty Starter' Bundle

4 x 70g Sea Salts

it’s about flavour. and the truth!

Yes, This Salt Contains MSG. YEs, ON purpose.

With all the “NO MSG” labels out there, it’s easy to get caught up in the myth that MSG is a bad guy. But here’s the thing…

MSG is a naturally occurring substance. You’ll find it just hanging out in tomatoes, seaweed, and all sorts of other foods. When was the last time a tomato gave you a headache? Exactly.

When you do the research, you’ll find that no studies have ever linked MSG to negative side effects in the general population. Visit to learn more.

listen to what our customers have to say

these People love our SALT & We didn’t even have to pay them to say it

"I find myself using this salt on everything after I cook it"

Stacey Fernandez


“Ridiculously tasty and amazing to keep around…”

Steven Fernello


"The Spicy Chili Lime is SO good on grilled corn"

Julie Black

Regular Person Who Likes Food

Toasted Garlic

70g Sea Salt


if you don’t like it, you can have your money back

Here’s the deal. We make good salt. People love our salt. But sometimes, for whatever reason, some people don’t. And that’s ok. It takes all kinds to make a world.

If you don’t like our salt, just tell us. You can have your money back, and you don’t even have to send the salt back. It’s fine, we can still be friends.

Just kidding. You're dead to us.

The 'Salty Starter' Bundle

4 x 70g Sea Salts

Take this, it’s dangerous to go alone

You’re new? get 10% off your first order

It’s important to us that you try our salt. That’s why we wanna give all you newbies 10% off your first order.

Plus, if you don’t like our salt (literally impossible) then you can take your money back! No it’s fine, we’re crying because of a cute puppy we saw earlier today.

FACT: if you don't eat salt... you die. so why not make it our delicious salt? disclaimer: eating our salt will not stop you from dying.

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