our great grandfathers invented salt

well… not really but it makes us sound super legit

gather round children

Meet salty. The original salt guy.

Just kidding. This is a random guy from a stock photo website. But you know what? I bet he would love Salty’s Flavoured Salt to go with that Lone Star and whatever else he’s grilling up. 

Guy if you’re reading this, you get free salt for life. Just kidding again.

In fact, we have no fancy origin story.

No, we don’t have family traditions steeped in a heritage of salt production.

We didn’t accidentally fall into the ocean while eating a steak and holding onto some rosemary, accidentally dropping them into our mouths to create an immense flavour epiphany.

We don’t even live near the ocean. We’re based in the middle of Canada.

But Canada does touch the ocean, and that’s exactly where we get our salt.

Our base salt comes from Vancouver Island, from the Vancouver Island Salt Company, who harvest some of the purest Canadian sea salt you can get from the Pacific Ocean.

No joke. It’s seriously good stuff.

Their salt comes to us in delicious, light, moist beautiful little flakes. And then we take it and smash it all up with our various flavours, destroying all of that natural beauty.

Not to worry though, afterwards we mix in some more of their beautiful salt, making a delicious hybrid of delicate little flakes with a crispy crunchy flavour mix.

yes, we add msg TO THIS SALT. this is why.

Many people’s first reaction to hearing the term MSG is to immediately discredit the product as “junk” or assume that it is bad for them.

Here’s the thing. MSG is victim to one of the biggest and longest running disinformation campaigns in food history.

But the real victims are the communities that used MSG in their cooking regularly.

Families lost their businesses, and were hurt financially, all because a single article, written in 1969, created a term called “Chinese Restaurant Syndrome”. This article falsely attributed MSG with unpleasant symptoms the author experienced after eating at a restaurant.

That was it. A single article that took on a life of its own, despite the fact that no studies ever found a connection between negative side effects and MSG.

In fact, MSG is found in all sorts of natural food. You know those organically grown, non-GMO heirloom tomatoes you love so much? They contain MSG.

And what about that almond milk in your fridge? It’s full of MSG.

We’re in the business of producing products that make your food taste better. This means we take the flavour of our products very seriously. 

This is why we add MSG. Don’t take our word for it, try our salt for yourself.

If you don’t like it, we’ll give you a refund. No questions asked.